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Ellie Mundy

I’ve been a nurse and a midwife since 2005 working from Theatres to A&E. I now reside in the local area as a community midwife, as well as doing my bit on the midwife led unit and partaking in homebirths. Working in these area helps to keep my skills up women centred care and putting them in control of their labours. I am currently moving to Marlow with my partner and although I do not have any children of my own just yet, I keep myself busy by looking after my two beautiful ponies, cat and dog until that precious time comes

caira lowe

I am a third generation midwife and intensive care nurse. I have previously worked on a local delivery suite and ante/postnatal ward and most recently I have been based in Community Midwifery.  This gives me the insight of all different delivery options for women.  Born and raised in the local area, I currently live in Monks Risborough with my husband. We had a  daughter in 2014 and a son in 2017 (both quite complicated pregancies and deliveries), therefore I have the insight from both the professional and patient point of view when it comes to childbirth.


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Natal Know How provides tailor made unique antenatal classes run by qualified midwives